Cincinnati-USF Postgame Quotes

Feb. 19, 2014

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USF vs. Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Jamelle Elliott

On what her overall assessment was and how USF pushed the ball down the court:
“That’s their game and we knew going into the game the key was going to be the transition defense. Also another key was we needed to make it a half-court game as much as possible and I thought we didn’t help ourselves with their transition offense, with the quick shot selection that we had in the first half. We took 12 three’s in the first half only made two of them and that was over half our shots. Historically when we’re playing well and we’re fluid on offense it’s usually when we get some touches inside to Jeanise (Randolph). The guards are getting downhill and least try to get some touches in the paint before we just jack up three’s. I thought we settled for three’s way to much in that first half and we weren’t making them. Long rebounds lead to quick fast break points and it was hard for us to matchup. We settled down a little bit more in the second half, we only got outscored by 4 but at that point we built too much of a hole for us after that first half. Especially with the way we were shooting the ball and the quick shots that we were taking.”

On what her philosophy is to getting Jeanise (Randolph) the ball:
“Well today South Florida had three guys around her. They had her man that was guarding her, they had the opposite guard that was really heavy helping and they had the ball side guard that was really heavy helping. So you could tell that their game plan was to make sure that somebody else hurt them other than Jeanise Randolph. That maybe part of the reason why we settled for those three’s but after one or two passes that still not a good time to jack up a three. We want to at least reverse the ball once or twice before we shoot it. Jeanise is not the only way we can get some paint touches. We can get some drives to the basket by the guards, we can get some drives by the high post and we just didn’t do that in the first half and settled for three’s. Unlike the second half versus Temple they just weren’t falling for us and we only shot 24 percent in the first half.”



On what the difference was between today and the last two games that they played and won:
“I don’t think it was the intangibles of the game. I don’t think it was the focus or the hustle or any of that stuff. I think it was mainly just our first half offensive execution. I thought we shot the ball way to fast which led to them getting some really quick fast break points. Were there times that we were able and should have been matched up with them in transition and we weren’t? Absolutely. But I think for the most part our offense led to them really getting some easy points in transition.”

On if she felt (Alyesha) Lovett was trying to take over during the first half:
“Well Lovett is probably coming off the game of her life against Temple and I can’t be mad at her for wanting to press it a little to see if she could continue to get it going based on the way she played at Temple. So I was okay with her doing that. She has the ball in her hands a little bit but after the first two or three shots when it wasn’t falling we really needed to take our time and make sure we got some half court looks by making more than one or two passes in our half court sets.”              

#12, Alyesha Lovett, G

On the flow of the game:
“We tried to stop the bleeding. There were times when we did and there were times that we didn’t. We need to get together and know that we can’t make those mistakes. We can’t take quick shots, we have to go through the motion in order to stop them early.

On having to step up since Dayeesha has been out:
“There is no more pressure. I just flow with it as it goes. We have so many different guards that can score and now you can see that everybody is scoring in different ways. It is just because of my team that I am getting the points that I am getting. It is not just me having to step up. I stepped up because I am a leader and I have been stepping up, but I get all of my shots and I get everything through my teammates.”

On if team came out focused:
“I don’t think we got off task during the game, but I just think that we did a lot of things that we usually don’t do. We took a lot of quick shots. As a team, we were really focused on stopping the ball and stopping the people we needed to stop, it just wasn’t working for us today.”

#33, Jeanise Randolph, F

On the flow of the game:
“They pushed it earlier when we kept taking quick shots. That is when they started pushing it on us. We really weren’t slowing down the game like we planned on doing. On a lot of our turnovers, they got really quick shots. They kept pushing it down our throats. We have to control the tempo and we didn’t do a very good job at that.”

On what the difference was tonight compared to Temple and Memphis:
“I think today we took a lot of rushed shots. When we played Temple and Memphis, it was more of a controlled game. We controlled the environment. Today, they controlled everything. They pushed the tempo, they pushed it down our throats, and they made shots. I really just think that we rushed shots. Once we rushed shots, they were getting out and going in transition. We have to do a better job of controlling the tempo and remember what got us the wins before.

On if it was physical:
“It was very physical. USF is a very physical team and they are a very good offensive rebounding team. We have to remember that we can’t just jump with them, but we have to box them out from guards to post.”