Cincinnati vs. Providence Postgame Quotes

Feb. 23, 2013

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Cincinnati vs. Providence Postgame Quotes

Feb. 23, 2013 – Fifth Third Arena

UC Head Coach Jamelle Elliot

On this being their best collective win this season

“I think it all starts with the fact that we had 11 healthy bodies. This is the second game in a row that we’ve had 11 healthy bodies ready to play. I don’t think it’s any secret that we’ve been successful the last couple games and I’ve had options coming off of the bench. There hasn’t been as much pressure on two or three players to have to play 35 or 36 minutes a game, which means we aren’t tired, we stay fresh and we’re able to produce a lot more with more bodies out there. To answer your question, I definitely think so. This is the second game in a row that we’ve had three players in double figures. I thought Kayla Cook had one of her better games that she’s had in a very long time. I also think that when Alexis Durley is out there to help Dayeesha (Hollins) and take her off of the ball a little bit, that definitely helps us. Then we can run Dayeesha off of some screens and she doesn’t have to have the pressure of handling the ball the whole game with having that second ball handler out there. We had a rough stretch. That’s no secret, but all through that stretch I told them that if we can just maintain our confidence, stay invested, and continue to work hard that there would be a stretch where we would win four or five conference games. They’ve done that and they feel good about themselves. Now we have a week off which will allow us to have even more rest going into our last two games of the season and going into the conference tournament.”

On how the team’s mindset has changed in practice after winning games

“Well everyone knows that after you’ve lost ten straight then you get that first win everything changes. Everything changes from a mental standpoint and everything changes from a confidence standpoint. You get that weight off of your shoulders. So I think that helped us and I think that allowed us to excel a little bit. I think that the key for today’s game was that for the first time all year we played Wednesday, we gave them off Thursday, and we had one day to prepare. I challenged them coming into practice yesterday that we needed to be tuned in and focused as we had been all season long. We showed up, went an hour and 45 minutes and we were done. Came in today got the game plan together and went out there and executed it.”



On Tiffany Turner’s performance off of the bench

“That’s something that we’ve been going back in forth on. Do we put Tiffany back in the starting lineup? Earlier on this season, when she was our best player she was in the starting lineup.  So we’re thinking Tiffany is back to being healthy and she’s playing with a lot of confidence so do we insert her back in the starting lineup or do we bring her in off of the bench. At the end of the day when she plays she’s going to play a lot of minutes and we expect the performance that we got from her today.”

On having a week off to prepare for Rutgers

“At Rutgers earlier this year we went into halftime down six. So my thoughts are, and what I’m telling my players is, that we can play with them. We can not only play with them, but we can beat them. We showed that we could play with them and out score them throughout stretches in that game. This time we’re at home. It’s Lesha Dunn’s last game at home and it’s senior night. They’re a team that presses and it’s no secret that we’ve struggled at times with that. We have a week off to prepare and work on our press offense and make sure that we’re poised and under control when they do press us. If we continue to play the way we’ve been playing, I like our chances.”

No. 11 Tiffany Turner, Jr., F

On if this was the best overall team performance

“I feel like we worked really well together today, we passed the ball around and looked for the open person. Especially when we dribbled the ball, we found the open person and passed it to them and we were able to finish.”

On what changed winning three of the last four games

“Having a different mindset towards the game, I know a lot of us changed it and we have been playing better because we’ve done that.”

On her overall performance

“I think I have a different mindset because I know I have to come off the bench and still produce, so when I have an open shot I need to take it and I am happy they were falling in today.”

No. 10 Kayla Cook, Jr., G

On if this was the best overall team performance

“Just looking at the stats everybody who played contributed and had a helping hand in us winning today.”

On what changed winning three of the last four games

“I agree with her (Tiffany) on our mindset and we are getting confidence now ever since we got that big win against Marquette. We can start playing, that ten game losing streak hurt our confidence, but after we got that win against Marquette we’ve had a completely different mindset. We go into each game thinking we can win.”

On if small victories are still a main focus

“We still look at the small things, getting better individually and as a team but we are also looking at the bigger picture too and that is winning a game. Coach still has us working on that but were focusing on the bigger picture too.”

On upcoming game against Rutgers

“We’re going to approach it the same way that we approached it before but were going to have some adjustments like handling their pressure better, defend their post player because she hurt us in our previous game. We are going to watch the film from the first game and hopefully get better with the things that we didn’t do.”