Cincinnati vs. WVU Postgame Quotes

Feb. 25, 2012

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Cincinnati vs. West Virginia
Postgame Quotes
February 25, 2012

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
On West Virginia’s defense after the early Cincinnati run:

“Well we thought they were going to start the game like that. They didn’t start off as intense defensively as we thought they would, so we were able to get some real good looks at the basket in the first four minutes. That got us out to that lead to start the game. After they turned up the pressure a little bit, it was harder for us to make passes to initiate our offense. So we needed to go with some pick and rolls stuff which I think helped us in the first half to get to the basket and to some penetration and kick outs. In the second half, the adjustment they made initially they wanted to get the ball out a lot. They wanted to get that high low action and we did a really good job of guarding that. They second half, they started to use pick and rolls, and when they started to use those pick and rolls, we were getting hit by those screens a lot of that was fatigue. But, a lot of that was their guards really being aggressive and looking to turn the corner and I think that hurt us in the second half.”

On wanting to double the post:
“That was the goal. We had one guy who we identified and we wanted to double the post every time. In the second half, we weren’t as sharp with it. Guys playing 40 minutes a game, both our guards playing 40 minutes a game. It seemed like we were a step slow in the second half, which allowed those big kids to get baskets in the second half.  West Virginia is a good team. They beat the No. 2 team in the country.  They beat three-straight ranked opponents. We had our chance to beat them. I thought down the stretch we had (Dayeesha)’s three. Kayla (Cook) had a wide open three on the opposite wing. Bjonee had a three coming down in transition, so we had our chances. At the end of the day, defense is what won us games and we gave up 66 points today. That’s a lot of points. I don’t think we’ve given up 66 points in a very long time. Part of that was fatigue and part of that was (West Virginia) started to be aggressive and really take the ball to the basket.”

On the credit Bjonee Reaves and Chanel Chisholm deserve for getting the team back on track:
“Those two have probably been our two most consistent guys in addition to Jeanise (Randolph) ever since we had this little streak.  I think they understand and know the importance of every game now. Because every game we play is one less game that they’re going to play in a Cincinnati uniform. Every practice is one less practice they’re going to have in a Cincinnati uniform. I think they know the sense of urgency that their careers are winding down. I think they’re playing the type of basketball that they know they will have left everything on the floor.”

On coaching on Senior Day:
“It’s a little emotional, but they’ve put us in a position that the BIG EAST Tournament, hopefully, will not be the last game for us. We have another regular season game at DePaul that will give us another chance to be with our seniors. We’ve got hopefully more than one game at the BIG EAST Tournament. Then were keeping our fingers crossed and it’s looking good that we’re going to be in the (Women’s National Invitation Tournament) after that. So, we’ve still got a lot of time with our seniors. We’re going to make the most of it, having those guys around because when it does end it is going to be different not having them on my team.”

Senior guard Bjonee Reaves
On West Virginia’s defense:
“We knew it was going to be a physical game. We know they’re going to deny every single pass, one through five. We executed at times, and we didn’t execute at times. This is a learning experience for us just like the rest of the games. This is the first time this year we have really played an aggressive defensive team like this and I think we responded well. We just didn’t make the right plays down the stretch to win the game, but overall I am satisfied with the effort of everyone and I know we will get them next time.” 

On what was different about Senior Day:
“The difference for me was my family being in town from California, but other than that it was still like a normal game. Our emotions were high today and it had something to do with Senior Day, but I think it had more to do with the fact that we were trying to make a statement today. We wanted teams to know that Cincinnati is here and we are not a cupcake team anymore, so we knew that this was our chance to prove that and I think we did to some degree, but a win would have been even better.” 

On the game plan:
“The game plan was to double the entire game and those are the times down the stretch where we didn’t execute, it was just as simple as not going to double team and leaving our post hanging one-on-one. As a guard, I’m going to take full responsibility. Our game plan was working early when we were doubling, but we went away from that especially late in the second half and allowed them to go one-on-one with our post. We are undersized, we know that. It should have been the responsibility of the guards to make sure we were doubling and choking and we left our post on the island.” 

 On preparing for the game:
“We knew everything, that’s why this one really stings because. Our coaching staff did a great job of scouting and a great job of preparing us. Our post players worked extremely hard and we should have helped them. When we did help them, they didn’t capitalize and when we didn’t help them, they did capitalize.”

On how this season has been different than last season:
“This is a totally different team than my first year here, which was last year. Off the court we really get along. We hang out with each other and I think that is what separates us from different teams. Some teams try to force it. You have to stay together, and I think that’s what we do a really good job of. We also have some added pieces in Dayeesha (Hollins), a couple freshmen. It’s been a really fun year. I am pretty upset about this loss, but at the same time I have no complaints about the success of this team this year and the way the program is moving forward.” 

Senior guard Chanel Chisholm
On Senior Day:
“Of course emotions are going to be high like Bjonee said because of Senior Day, but we came into the game hoping that we can play like it was any other game. We knew West Virginia was a really good team and we wanted to show that we can play with them and we were hoping for the win but we just didn’t get it.”

On the future:
“Our main objective is to keep the team together, and look for us next game because the next game is our biggest game, coach always says that.”

Sophomore forward Tiffany Turner
On guarding West Virginia’s bigger players:
“It was tough, you saw it out there, but we all worked together and they choked and we tried to stop them from using that high-low and I think we did a great job today, we just didn’t really capitalize on certain things.” 

On leadership qualities of Bjonee Reaves and Chanel Chisholm:
“I know I can take a lot from both of them because they really help us out during practice and they take full responsibility for certain things and that is what I want to take from them as a junior next year.”