Cincinnati vs. Duquesne Postgame Quotes

March 16, 2012

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Cincinnati vs. Duquesne
March 16, 2012
Postgame Quotes

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
On the win:

"You all know how I feel, I am excited.  I am just so excited for my team.  Bjonee (Reaves) and Chanel (Chisholm) who didn't play great and I respect them more for being seniors.  At the end of the game they came out and made some big plays, Bjonee hit an NBA three and Chanel got a huge steal and then got the lay-up.  Everybody contributed.  Tiffany (Turner) struggled a little bit in the game she had a huge rebound down the stretch, Kayla (Cook) had a huge three from the corner, and obviously Dayeesha did what she did with 23 points six rebounds and no turnovers.  Our game plan with Jeanise was to try to establish her inside, we got the ball in to her she made a couple buckets she went to the free throw line made free throws.  We got down five in overtime and then they got the momentum when they hit that bank shot to send it into overtime.  We called the time out and then it was Day-time, she made a huge three-point play then all of a sudden there is a momentum swing back our way.  Jeanise made two huge free throws down the stretch and what can I say."

On when the bank shot to tie up the game:
" Do you really want to know?  You probably don't really want to know.  Well before that I was still thinking Chanel had a chance at the free throw line to put us up five and then Dayeesha had a chance at the free throw line to put us up five in regulation.  So then we miss those free throws and they have the ball and come down and hit the bank shot I was thinking I have to get my team back up because I know that was a dagger to them.  I knew Dayeesha and Chanel were thinking I should have made those free throws.  So I just needed them to regroup.  So I spent that time in between regulation and overtime to really regroup my girls and talk about the fact that we are playing at home, it's a five minute stretch it's no different than when we play our four minute segments in practice, we have the fans behind us that are into the game, let's go out there and win this thing...and then we got down five.  We got down five I called the timeout and like I said they took over the game."



On people stepping up outside of Dayeesha:
"We needed that.  Dayeesha out of the 45 minutes well she played 45 minutes.  We needed others guys to step up and make big plays and everybody did.  The bench was alive, I kept gravitating towards the end of the bench because I felt their energy.  Everybody was a part of this win today.  The guys that didn't play, the guys that did play, the staff, the fans, the media....everybody did something to help us win today!  I am just so glad that the community came out especially with the kids being on spring break, there was a lot of faculty and staff here.  I was really happy with the turn out tonight.  I really want to thank the community for rallying behind us and coming to support us because they were a huge part of this win tonight."

Sophomore guard Kayla Cook
On the win today:

"This is a huge win for us. Coming into this, we are in it to win it and that was the whole mindset coming into the game. It's a great feeling; I don't even know how to explain it."

On team chemistry:
"That's something we are really big with, especially with the two seniors Bjonee and Chanel leading our team. In practice and everything, they are always keeping us together and that's kind of how it is on the floor. We feed off of them."

On moving on in the tournament:
"It gives another chance to play with Chanel and Bjonee. That was a big thing, we were playing for them and it will be fun playing with them again, but it also gives us a chance to go into Toledo, who is the WNIT champions from last year. It gives us a good chance to in there and beat them and move on to the Sweet 16."

Senior guard Bjonee Reaves
On the win today:

"It's a great win for me, especially because it's another chance for me to play with these girls again and I'm really excited to put this Cincinnati uniform on and it was a great win, the atmosphere was good, the energy on the court was good."

On team chemistry:
"It definitely did show at the end of the game when big plays needed to be made, they were made. Big rebounds in Tiffany, big free throws in Jeanise. Everyone contributed, even Alyesha Lovett off the bench, she came in and got a couple layups and played good defense. We are not a one-dimensional team and I think that is the biggest key for us. Anyone on this team can give you a bucket at any given time."

On moving on in the tournament:
"It's a great thing for the team, the program, and the university. It's been six years since this program has gone to a postseason tournament. I think this win is huge, especially for our confidence because it was a grind-out game today. I feel like we got all the jitters out and we are playing very confident right now going into Toledo."

Sophomore guard Dayeesha Hollins
On the win today:
"We haven't been here in six years. Our first win, it feels amazing. It just feels great to come out with the win."

On her soreness:
"I'm fine, it was just a little Charlie horse that lasted a while. I wanted to win, so whatever it took. If I had to play with a cramp in my entire leg the whole time, I was going to play no matter what. I just had to fight through it."

Sophomore forward Jeanise Randolph
On the win today:
"It feels great to be able to play with Bjonee and Chanel again. We are so excited. We know we have to come in here and play hard. It was very exciting to come in here and win."