Cincinnati-Southern Polytechnic State Postgame Quotes

Nov. 4, 2013

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Southern Polytechnic State at Cincinnati
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

UC head Coach Jamelle Elliott

On her overall assessment for the first game:
"There was a time in the game when I sub five guys and I never had the luxury since I have been here, going into my fifth year here at UC. So that felt good, just having guys that can keep going in and out especially at the guard spot, to keep them fresh. So we have Tiffany (Turner) who is still banged up and she is waiting to come back and once we get Tiffany she add a whole dimension to our team. As far as her being left-handed, athletic ability to drive from the high post, shoot from the high post and score inside. So once we get healthy I really like our chances."

On both teams starting off slow:
"Well I am going to cough that up to first game jitters a little bit, just getting our adrenaline pumping and really getting relaxed. Once we did we were a different team, we were moving the ball a lot better we looked a little more confident on the offensive end. Luckily our defense is way ahead of our offense right now even though we weren't scoring the first four five minutes of the game our defense was able to hold them to I think one or two or three points in that first five minutes. So we got some work to do obviously, I think we have a different dimension with our post players inside, Jeanise Randolph gave us 17 points I think once Marley (Hill) gets to idea of how strong and physical this game is on this level I think she is going to be a really inside presence for us. Ashley Nickens who is a huge present for us inside and overall I am pleased with now and the fact that we have a good inside outside combination."



On what the keys were on defense and creating turnovers:
"I think we were really active, Bianca Quisenberry as a freshman I believe she played 16 minutes or something like that and she had 17 deflections. So I think we were really active defensively, we dove on the floor for loose balls we didn't give up a lot of second shots so that was one of the things we pride ourselves on. We have since I've been here, is to really trying to disrupt guys on the defensive end and try to take them out of their offense and I think we set the tone by doing that tonight."

On being more efficient in the second half and if they made an adjustment during halftime:
"I think it was an adjustment for the players and for us, you know this was a team that we weren't able to watch film on, and it was like going to a playground for both teams. Neither one of us had film so we had to kind of just show up and get a feel for it and I think that showed in the first five minutes of the game. Just to try to see what they were doing on offense, what they try to do defensively and once we settled down we were able to make some adjustments."  

No. 31 Dayeesha Hollins

On 12 of 13 people getting to play:
“It feels good to have bodies. Everybody is able to get out there and produce and give a little bit of whatever they have. Other people are able to get breaks and there is more energy out there. It is good we have bodies to go down the line and get in there.”

On team chemistry:
“Coach is really good at getting everybody to play with one another with substitutions.  We are very comfortable with one another.”

On adjustments at halftime:
“It was our first time playing somewhat of a real game and obviously some people have butterflies and jitters. After that first half we got more comfortable and were able to calm down and just do what we normally do when we practice.”

No. 33 Jeanise Randolph

On the game overall:
“We are excited this year. We have a lot of talented freshman coming in. We are just really excited to have a better team.”

On getting some help in the post:
“Yeah, I have a lot of help this year. I feel like we have some really good post players. They just have to get comfortable on the court and not be as nervous. We are going to have a lot of inside presence. I feel like it is going to be a really good year.”

On goal for the season:
“Good defense, good tempo, and good chemistry. We just want to have fun this year and enjoy the game. Everybody is comfortable with each other. We just have to take it one game at a time.”

No. 22 Bianca Quisenberry

On contributing fairly well for her first time out:
“I was a little nervous at first, but once I got out there, I remembered it’s just playing basketball, the same thing I have played most of my life just at a different level. I just had to calm down and just play.”

On how this was different from high school:
“The competition is a lot higher. People tend to be quicker, have better handles, and things like that. It is just adjusting. Defensively it is important to keep more space and being able to adjust to certain players. I just need to get comfortable with who is out there.”