Postgame Quotes: Cincinnati vs. Northern Kentucky

Nov. 9, 2012

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Cincinnati head coach Jamelle Elliott
Opening Statement:
“First off my hat’s off to and credit goes to Northern Kentucky and Dawn [Plitzuweit]. They lost a lot to graduation. They are still a hardworking, scrappy Northern Kentucky team. I wouldn’t have expected anything less from her coming from a good program like Michigan where they’ve gone to the NCAA Tournament quite a bit. She’s been successful as a head coach. I think she’s going to do a great job with that program. They came in and really gave us a run for our money for the better part of the first half. Luckily they had a hard time scoring – a harder time than we had scoring because we had a hard time scoring as well. This time of year, I don’t think there are a lot of teams whose offense is equal to or up to their defense. Eventually, our offense will catch up to our offense. But I’m pretty, pretty, pretty happy about our defensive intensity. We forced them into some turnovers and some tough shots. We got a shot clock violation, so hats off to our defense today. They really, really, really gave us the best chance to win the game.”

On if the offensive struggles are the product of it being early in the season and incorporating new players:
“It could be a lot of things. We lost over 40 percent of our offense due to graduation with Bjonee [Reaves] and Chanel [Chisholm], so we’re still kind of trying to find our identity offensively. We’re playing a lot of guys, a lot of minutes. We’re trying to figure out different matchups that work on the offensive end and subbing guys. I’m still trying to figure out what I have. This is our second time in a real game situation if you count our exhibition game. I’m still trying to juggle who are gamers or not. So a lot of that is going to be trial and error, until I figure out who are going to be good matchups for us.”



On if turnovers bothers her:
“Yes. They do. It’s the second time in a row we’ve had over 19 turnovers. That was the second time in a row we had 19 turnovers against a team that doesn’t even press. So that does bother me a little bit, but our mentality obviously is that we look to push the ball. We look to push the ball in transition and with that comes a lot of bad decision making at times. We’ll tighten up our decision making off the break with our guards, especially with Alyesha Lovett and Kayla Cook and Dayeesha Hollins. It’ll come. We’ll continue to work on it in practice, make these guys see the big picture. Sometimes the pass isn’t there or we got to make sure we pass away from the defense, or pass it sooner and not when it’s too late and miss an opportunity. So the good thing is that we don’t have to fix things that are major. Timing, things like that are fixable and are going to fixable as we continue to play.”

No. 31, G, Dayeesha Hollins
On what the difference was in the game:
“I would have to say if our offense isn’t working we have to find a different way to score and that was our defense.”

On NKU’s play:
“At first it was scrappy and they ran their offense well. After a while we got a gist of it. After those couple of turnovers that they had we knew that they couldn’t handle pressure very well so we continued to do that. I think that’s one thing where we saw a weakness and we took advantage of it.”

On looking forward at a tougher opponent in Ohio State:
“Defense. Basically, like we did tonight. Have great defense and get that bell in the basket.”

No. 33, F, Jeanise Randolph
On what the difference was in the game:“Our offense is going to come. Our defense is what kept us in the game and that’s what we’re going to keep focusing on. Our Offense will grow and we’ll have better chemistry on the court, but today just wasn’t a good day for us (offensively).”

On what she can do to free herself up more on offense:
“Taking that mid-range shot taking that 15 footer and not always trying to go to the basket and score with my back to the basket. I’d like to do better with that and just depend on post moves. I can make that mid-range shot and I want to show them.”

On Lovett’s new role:
“We expect a lot out of her. We expect her to do big things for Cincinnati.”

No. 12, G, Alyesha Lovett
On her increase in playing time and new role as a starter:
“I fell really comfortable playing with them since I played with them last year. So now filling that role is big, but I’m ready for it. I’ve practiced with. I’ve played hard so I know I deserve it. I like it.”