Cincinnati-Florida State Women's Basketball Postgame Quotes

Nov. 13, 2013

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Florida State vs. Cincinnati
November 13, 2013
Fifth Third Arena

Postgame Quotes

UC head coach Jamelle Elliot

Opening Statement:
"Well I thougth that was a hard fought effort, I think we had some really good stretches in that ball game and I think the first strech started in the first seven minutes of the game. I thought the first seven to eight minutes we came out and we were on the attack, we were the more aggressive team and we knew what we wanted to do with ball.

Offensively we knew how we wanted to take their inside presence out of the game with Natasha Howard by doubling her and I thought we came out and played some really good basketball all the way up to the seven minute mark of the first half. After that I thought our offense became a little stagnant, we weren't moving as much and it showed.

We went into the locker room with a little bit of a deficit, made some adjustments and the first five minutes were a little shaky but after we got ourselves together I thought we were the best team on the floor for the remainder of the game.

 I think we got a lot of things we can hold our heads on especially coming off that tough loss at Northern Kentucky on Saturday. I challenged them to do the little things like go after loose balls, box out, stay together as a team, get excited when we made good plays and they did that.

I think we did the little things today and at the end of the day Florida State is a good team they made their free throws down the stretch made some big shots and they came out on top. But I really believe if we had more time that game would have been a different outcome but that's why you play the game."

On how they will manage teams that press:

"Well we had too many guy up the front-court and once we extended it after we made a couple adjustments I thought we didn't have as much trouble with the press. At the time we were up we had two freshmen in the game and this was a big time game for the freshmen that are going to help us out tremendously. But once we settled down I don't think the pressure hurt us a lot.



On if Kayla (Cook) taking the charge late in the second half will be the staple for them the entire season:
"Well that's how we always been, we've always been the type of team that will guard you and we are going to hold you under your average. Defensively we are going to make the hustle plays, we are going to take the charges and that's what allowed us to win games in the past that we weren't suppose to win. I don't want us to lose track of that now that we have more players, we have talented freshmen, we have some guys that can score but I still want to continue to hold Florida State who scored 93 points in their first game to 63 points." 

#31, Dayeesha Hollins, G
On what happened at the end of the first half:

“We got a little lackadaisical. We weren’t doing the things that we were doing at the beginning of the half to get us the lead. We started turning the ball over a little bit and weren’t looking inside or attacking as much. We weren’t always on the attack so I think that is when they came back against us.”

On what they will take from this game:
“We have to start off how we did in that first half. We can’t have any letups like we were that last seven minutes of the first half. That is what got us down and they made their run. I think we just have to keep fighting.”

#33, Jeanise Randolph, F
On the difference in her first and second half:

“Honestly, in the first half I didn’t touch the ball. I think we just weren’t looking in enough, but then in the second half once we talked about it in the locker room they started looking in for me and I went from there. I think once they started looking in, people got open shots. It flowed better.”

On their size:
“Once we got used to them, we figured it out and just played. We played in the BIG EAST and played versus players that were 6’ 3” and 6’ 4”. I think the players that we have can handle it. We can play defense. We were known for our defense so I don’t think it should be a problem.”

#15, Alexis Durley, G

On the comeback:
“I think we have the mentality to never give up. Coaches keep telling us to never give up. We just kept believing in each other and our coaching staff.”

On not giving up:
“I think even in the past we had that mentality. We might not always be the best on the court, but we are going to give it our all every night. Blood, sweat, and tears on the court. We are going to guard hard no matter who we are playing. Even in practice going against one another, we push each other hard every day.”