Cincinnati-Xavier Postgame Quotes

Dec. 2, 2012

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Cincinnati Head Coach Jamelle Elliot:

On her thoughts about who would take the final shot:
“Either Dayeesha or Tiffany. We ran a couple of sets where Tiffany was looking to get the ball on the block and if that didn’t happen Day was getting the ball on a down screen at the top of the key and trying to run some pick and roll action. So first it was to Tiffany to try to continue to take advantage of her quickness inside and then obviously we wanted the ball to end up in Day’s hand if we couldn’t get a quick look inside. You know, Day made some big plays down the stretch. She made big plays for us all game and I think within that last minute she just missed a layup that kind of went in then back out to tie it, but that kid plays 150% and she left everything out on the court and I just wish that we had a couple of other guys that would have been able to step up and make some shots when we needed them.”

On how key rebounding was down the stretch:
“We talk a lot about one-on-one battles and down the stretch they were able to penetrate and get past our guards which led to our post helping and then when our post was helping that left a free post player that was able to get those rebounds a couple of times down the stretch so that really hurt us. Obviously with Dunn fouling out and not having her for those overtimes and then with Jeanise going down, we had to go with Chelsea and Tiffany and I made some defensive substitutions with Shelbi in hopes that she could be physical with the post players, but at the end of the day we knew that they had the advantage on the inside and like good teams do, they were able to take advantage of it down the stretch.”

On having Jeanise Randolph and Tiffany Turner back:
“It gave us more bodies out there to try to bang with their post players inside so we were happy to have some more bodies. We knew Dunn had been playing well when those guys got hurt and was kind of holding down the fort and today she just didn’t have it offensively or defensively. And Tiffany obviously came in and gave us some big minutes with a double-double and playing 48 minutes after not doing anything the last few days. At the end of the day this was a great game. Amy’s team fought hard, they came back, and they made plays down the stretch, but I’m proud of my team. They played hard for fifty minutes and left everything out on the court. We just came up a little short and the things like the mental lapses and missed layups, not executing some plays down the stretch, the good thing as a coach that makes me feel good is that those are all things that can be fixed. I want them to continue to feel the way that they are feeling right now so that when things get tough in practice, when we’re in those type of game situations again they do everything possible not to feel like that again.”

No. 31, Guard, Dayeesha Hollins

On her intensity level throughout the game:
“I knew that they were going to come out thinking how they’ve beaten us the last 3 times and being 0-3 since Coach Elliot has been here and be just as intense as we were and I just knew that this was a rivalry game. I knew I had to come out with just as much intensity as they would expect from me.”

On her ability to penetrate the defense:
“Once I saw it the first time I just continued to look for it and I tried to pick at as much as possible. And just attacking the rim.”

On the last play:
“Just not knowing for sure what to do. I tried to penetrate and then kick at the time but it just wasn’t working.” 

On the emotional toll a game like today's takes on a player:
“It was just tough. This entire game was tough. Especially having two overtimes, of course this one is going to hurt a lot more because you’ve been playing for so long and playing so hard and with the double overtime it hurts.

No. 11, Forward, Tiffany Turner

On the post play of today's game:
“I knew us as post players had to pick it up because the guards had to pick up the scoring. When I got the ball I thought to myself we (post players) need to score too. So we all tried to pick it up at the end.”

On her abality to drive and score along the baseline:
“The first time I did it I felt like I could get it every time I got the ball down low and that’s what I was succeeding at so I just continued to do it.”

On when she found out she would be cleared to play in today's game:
“I found out yesterday that I was cleared so I just wanted to come back and be a presence.”

Xavier Head Coach Amy Waugh

Opening Statement:
“Today was a tough game. It was a hard fought battle from both teams really. Obviously going into double overtime, I think it lived up to whatever everyone talks about. It was just a great game.”

On coming back following the first half: 
“I think it shows the resiliency of this basketball team. They’ve done a great job all year long of buying into the system. Today it proved how much of a team we are. They stuck together and we continued to do the little things that make Xavier basketball really special. They didn’t go away from that and at the end of the day it led us to a win.”

On what she did in hopes of finding a rhythm for her team in the game:
“I think this game is always an ugly basketball game because there are so many emotions involved in this game. It takes the team awhile. We had 15 points; they had 24 at half time. I think that’s just this game in general with all of the emotions flowing. I thought we did a great job once we started to rebound the basketball. We were able to run in transition and get some easy opportunities.”

On getting key offensive rebounds down the stretch:
“I think that goes to the toughness of this team. They weren’t doing what we were supposed to do early on. They stuck with it. They continued to fight and they came up with huge rebounds when we need them.”

On what her message was during the final seconds of double overtime:
“Don’t foul. Obviously, we wanted to keep the ball in front of us and contest the shot. Don’t give them anything easy and don’t put them on the free throw line. I thought we did a great job of working together and surrounding the basket so there was nothing easy.”

On the play of Xavier Guard Ty O’Neill:
“Ty was phenomenal. Ty is an experienced point guard but she’s coming back from that ACL injury. With each game, Ty is becoming more comfortable on the floor and more confident. As the season goes on Ty O’Neill is going to be a key part of this basketball team.”

No 1, Guard, Ty O'Neill

On defending Hollins on the final point of double overtime:
“I was just thinking that I needed to dig in deep and get the stop, so we could take the trophy back to our place. “

On her thoughts on the Cincinnati-Xavier rivalry game:
“It’s exciting. We have five local kids so it’s really big for them to get it. So we’re just happy to come here and take it.”

No. 12, Forward Jessica Pachko

On what message she gave to Xavier’s underclassmen:
“We talked about it today at shoot around. We talked about it at halftime. Because I felt like at halftime we came out in the first half and didn’t play with enough intensity. We were kind of on our heels like Coach Waugh said. I said, ‘you have to understand – this game is more intense than other games. That’s just how it is. Every ones adrenaline is pumping higher. It’s just a more intense game and you have to get to that level.’ Because being a freshman, it’s their first time playing. And it was Ty’s first time playing too. It’s a game that you have to experience once.”

On scoring a bulk of Xavier’s points in the extra periods:
“Well I knew that was the time to step up because I kind of came out the first half, started, kind of went away again. Then in the overtimes, it was now or never. You have to step up and do what you have to do.”

No. 42, Forward, Lakeisha Crouch

On the inside game today:
“It was tough overall. We knew they were going to double team us, so we had to play smart. If we saw an open guard, we had to pass it out.  And if you think you can take the one-on-one, just go ahead and a finish around that basket and know that you’ll get fouled.”