Cincinnati-Youngstown State Postgame Quotes

Dec. 5, 2012

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Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Youngstown State

Fifth Third Arena



Alexis Durley, Fr/., G

On role as a starter

"When Dayeesha went down  I had two feelings; it was stepping up and helping my team win. My teammate is hurting but I knew stepping up was what I had to do; making my teammates feel as if Day was playing."

On overall performance

"I think I played well, I kept my composure."

Lesha Dunn, Sr., C

On her role as a starter

"I'm trying to stay focused, I know last game against Xavier I lost side of the bigger picture and I wasn't really focused on the little things I had to do. My shot wasn't going in and I let that affect my whole game and I was committing stupid fouls. As far as playing time I am comfortable with that, I just have to keep the mentality strong, remain focused and playing for my coaches."

On YSU hanging around

"(Youngstown State) was very persistent and we expected them to be because they like to shoot. We were expecting them to come out go to No. 42 or go to No.21 and try to hit big shots. We expected all of that and for them to not go away easily."

On keeping the ball above her head

"In Toronto I'm tall so keep the ball high, because they can't get it. It always stuck with me; no matter what keep the ball high and do not bring the ball down, because when you bring it down all the little ones get it. Once I get it, I keep the ball high so I can see everything in front of me."

Tiffany Turner, Jr., F

On her role with players injured

"Overall my role hasn't changed because everyone stepped up so much; we all play together as a team. What I have done is stepped up for Jeanise (Randolph) and (Alexis) Durley has stepped up for Dayeesha (Hollins)."



On having to step up because of Dayeesha's injury

"I just stuck to the same game plan that I have played when I was with Dayeesha because Durley stepped up and there was no reason for me to go above and beyond and play out of my position."

Head Coach Jamelle Elliot

On why this was the biggest win of season

"Our best player went down in practice yesterday, someone that scores 20 points a game and my players didn't miss a beat. She went down on the first drill in practice, and our defensive intensity picked up, offense picked up I didn't see any worried looks from anyone on my team. Once we left practice and shoot around today I was confident that we were able to do it without our best player and I couldn't be any prouder of my team."

On three players being out

"At this point we just have to find a way. I told my guys before the game today we just have to find a way, we just need to win by half a point and we won by 11. I told them don't put any added pressure on yourself and just play within yourself.  I didn't see anybody out there forcing anything tonight. Everybody played within our system and took shoots that they needed to take when they were open, penetrated when they needed to penetrate, passed it when they needed to pass it and today was an ultimate team win."

On Alexis Durley's performance

"I probably get on Alexis more than anybody in practice because at some point in the season, hopefully sooner rather than later, I want her to take some of the pressure off of Day. Up to this point, Day has been playing 35+ minutes a game and I really think that Alexis could relieve some of that pressure by coming in and taking the ball out of Day's hand. Either bringing Day out to get a breather or moving Day to the #2 spot. Hopefully she has the confidence now moving forward to play this type of quality basketball minutes so that we can change and make adjustments to how we want to play Day."