Cincinnati-Eastern Kentucky Postgame Quotes

Dec. 9, 2012

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No. 12 - Alyesha Lovett, G

On the game:
"I want to say the first half we came out a little shook up. Not shook up, but we didn't play our best basketball until the second half. Then, I think, both the first half and the second half, we played as a team. We got the ball to each other. We were making shots, but I think we were more aggressive the second half."

On what the team is doing to fill the loss of Dayeesha Hollins:
"Stepping up. [Alexis] Durley stepped up a lot. If Durley doesn't bring the ball up, I'll bring the ball up. If I don't bring the ball up, Kayla will bring the ball up. We all just help each other out. We have each others back. So we know if anything happens, Durley has it or I have it or Kayla has it. So they know, they feel comfortable to bring it up. In practice we bring the ball up without her. Without her, we're missing a part of us, but we're picking it up. We're picking her up."

No. 10 - Kayla Cook, G

On why the team was flat to begin the game:
"Starting with warm ups. I think warm-ups were a little flat. There was energy but we just weren't very vocal. I feel like it starts the day. If we have sluggish warm up or there's not that much energy, then that's how we come out to play. The first, like Lovett said, we were just sluggish and we weren't doing the little things like we normally do. Normally, we getting hype for each other, picking each other up when things are going wrong, I just feel like we didn't do that in the first half."

On what Coach Elliott said to the team at halftime:
"She was disappointed and she came in the locker room and told us that she was disappointed in us. Before she came in the locker room we took on that role too because we even said to ourselves that we were disappointed in the way that we came out. Coach was just motivating us and telling us that, `we're going to win the game, but we need to come out and play the first five minutes the way that we know how to play'."



On being more aggressive today:
"I took it on myself. I've been on a shooting slump for about six or seven games. I haven't really made a shot. I've been getting in the gym extra with the coaches and by myself trying to get my shot. Even though my shots not falling, I'm still trying to not let it affect me, and still be that leader on the floor especially with [Dayeesha Hollins] out. Being like the vocal leader on the floor, trying to keep myself in the game. It gets frustrating when you don't make shots. My teammates do a great job of keeping me up when I don't make shots."

On Coach Elliott's reaction to one of her shots:
"She's been on me about it. She's frustrated too that I'm not making shots. She even said that I'm too good of a player not to make those shots. It feels good now that I've made a couple of shots."

Head Coach Jamelle Elliot 

On motivating her team after a shaky first half:
"I challenged them at halftime. Obviously, I pride my teams on going out and working hard, outhustling guys and going after loose balls and we weren't doing that in the first half. I thought we came out lethargic and didn't have any energy. Luckily we were able to go into the half only being down one. If we were playing another team, a conference team or one of the other teams on our schedule we're going down at halftime by ten or more. So luckily for us we were able to turn it around and get ourselves out of it. I went to the zone in the second half which helped us out a little bit. I think we had four or five straight possessions where they weren't able to score and that really set the tone for us. And then I think some of the keys to the game were Kayla knocking down some big threes for us which hadn't been doing the last couple of games for us and Alexis Durley coming out and having another steady game for us at the point guard position with Day being out. "

On motivating Kayla Cook through her shooting struggles:
"Well I've been around Kayla for three years now and I know the more you emphasize it, the more it gets into her head. So we just tried not to talk about it. She's been coming in and doing some extra shooting. We just encouraged her to continue to shoot it even though she wasn't making shots because eventually all good shooters start to make shots. A player like Kayla brings so many other things to the court even when she's not making shots with her hard work and energy on the floor, her defensive ability to guard shooters. We knew it was just going to be a matter of time before she started making shots and what better game to do it in with them going to that two-three zone to open the second half."

On her team being able to play well without Dayeesha Hollins:
"I hope if anything it shows that we're not just a one man team. I think part of it is my fault because I run so many sets for Day and she always has the ball in her hands, and now all of the sudden the other four guys on the court are starting to look for Day to do everything. So hopefully when she gets back I'm going to work my hardest to show that just because Day is back doesn't mean that each time down the floor if something isn't going well we have to look for her. You other guys have proven that over the last few games you can make plays without her. My hopes are that when Day comes back she's going to bring everything that she always did before and the guys that have risen up and helped us, Durley obviously Tiffany and Dunn, those guys can continue to build on the confidence they've developed since Day's been out."

On Durley's role when Dayeesha Hollins returns to the lineup:
"You know last year I had two point guards on the court all the time Bjonee Reeves and Day. That's how I like to play. Especially when we get into conference and teams are going to pressure us for 40 minutes it will always be good to have two point guards on the court at all times who can get us into our offense. And Durley has proven that she can run the show for us and I'm looking forward to seeing the two guys on the floor at the same time for us."