Cincinnati vs. Louisville Postgame Quotes

Dec. 14, 2011

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Cincinnati vs. Louisville
December 14, 2011
Postgame Quotes

Head Coach Jamelle Elliott
On the team's competitiveness against a physical team like Louisville:

"We play hard. We play extremely hard. You know I got six guys that I'm playing right now, and then when Day (Dayeesha Hollins) went out we were playing with five guys. So to be able to hang in there with the No. 13 team in the country and with 20 seconds to go have a shot to tie the game with a three, you can't ask for much more as a coach other than getting the win. I don't know if it's worse to get blown out or to be this close and then fall a little bit short in this game, but I'm not into moral victories, my players know that, but there's a lot of positive things that we can take out of this game. One of them being holding their player to no points in the first half, if Day stays in the game she won't get those open looks in second half. We fought hard. Tough loss. It stings, it hurts a little bit, but we still got three games left in the week before we get a little bit of a break. We got to forget about this one, move on, go to practice tomorrow, and get ready to play Miami (OH)."

On if she feels the team is still getting progressively better:
"Absolutely, every game that we've played this year we've been up - every one. One of the things I told my players after the game is that against Xavier we lost the game in the last seven minutes. We went to Marshall and we lost the game the last four or five minutes. Today it goes down to the last 20 seconds of the game. So we're getting that much closer to having one of these games fall in our favor, I believe that 100 percent."

On if she believes the loss was due to minutes logged or execution down the stretch:
"A little bit of both. Last minute or so we got guys playing 38, 39 minutes a game. Execution is a little bit of that. Giving up offensive rebounds down the stretch. Chanel going for a steal, not getting it, allowing the guy to go in there for a wide open lay-up. I think it's a little bit of execution and little bit of fatigue, but at the end of the day, great players make great shots. Shoni Shimmel made a bank shot, Becky Burke steps up to the line makes free-throws, so that's what good teams do they make big plays down the stretch."

On whether she wanted to go for a 3-pointer or a quick two after the team came out of the timeout with 20 seconds left:
"I diagramed a play to get a three by Kayla Cook coming off a double screen and then a flash screen for Alyesha Lovett and I knew they was going to be switching everything so I tried to keep that in mind when I diagramed the play. Then I just told those guys if the three isn't there then look to get a quick two and then we'll foul and hope they miss free-throws and then we'll have another opportunity to score down on the other end. Kayla caught the ball went to the basket and missed that lay-up and then we had to foul and that was pretty much the ball game."

Senior guard Bjonee Reaves
On physicality of game:

"It was very a very physical game, which are all BIG EAST games. That's what BIG EAST basketball is about. Every night is going to be a battle and every night it is going to be so tough. Their guards are so tough, very strong guards, very physical guards, but we are also physical as well. I think we matched their physicality tonight, we just didn't come up with the win."

On if the team learned from Louisville's press from last season to have success against it in this game:
"Definitely, especially for the returners like Kayla (Cook) and I. We know that their pressure is very extreme. We didn't want to go through what we went through last year. We are a lot more poised. I don't think we had one turnover off their full court pressure. That is a very big step for us. We will work on continuing to handle pressure better."

On getting team back on track:
"I don't think we are necessarily off track right now. If you look at our three losses, each game we have gotten better and better so that is all we can ask for, us to play hard and for us to progress. I think we are progressing very well so when January, February come, in crunch time, we will be on the winning side of these games."

Sophomore forward Tiffany Turner
On the physicality of game:

"Same thing what Bjonee said. The posts are real physical so you have to match it. The way we play defense it kind of helps us out because we are undersized. "

Sophomore guard Kayla Cook
On thoughts about shooting a 3-pointer instead of taking it to the basket in the final 20 seconds of the game:

"That was the play. Bjonee to come off my screen looking for a three and me coming off a flare, but they just switched everything and we really didn't get a good look from three."

On playing the entire 40 minutes:
"It is tough playing 40 minutes, your legs are fatigued, you are fatigued. You have to get more of your legs into your shot, but we still had the momentum going in so I wasn't really worried about how tired I was."

On playing a lot of minutes:
"I am fine with it because I get a lot of energy from my teammates. When they make a big shot I just get a boost of energy and I feel upbeat just like them. I just push out the thought of being tired and focus on the game."