Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis Postgame Quotes

Dec. 19, 2011

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Cincinnati vs. Indianapolis
December 19, 2011
Postgame quotes

Head coach Jamelle Elliott
Opening statement:

“That is probably the flattest we have started all season. I don’t know if we took this team lightly, I don’t know if we are fatigued, playing two games in three days, I don’t know if we miss Day (Hollins), I don’t know what the answers are. I have to find out what they are. But we started the game today as flat as we have all season long. It’s my fault, I’m the leader of this team, I have to get them motivated, get them ready to play on the court. I didn’t do a good job of doing that today. To give Indianapolis credit, they came out and they were overly aggressive and they shot the ball with confidence, they put the ball on the floor on the dribble and went right by us on the dribble. There was nothing we could do about it. They made good shots and we couldn’t make any. We probably missed more layups today then we missed all season long, probably had more air balls. Our legs being tired but today was one of those days you look back and we just didn’t have it today. Every other lost, you know the four before this we were in every game, today the first game all year, I was like, wow we don’t have that fire in our eyes that we have had the last 10 games before this. We got to get back to the basics. We have a little bit of time off before Thursday and I’m going to give these guys off tomorrow and try to regroup, reenergize, so Thursday we come out a different team.”

On the shooting:
“Looking at the stat sheet, everything was pretty much even except the free throws. They shot a lot more free throws. We only shot four free throws and they shot double-figure free throws. Everything else was pretty even with turnovers, with threes, offensive rebounds total rebounds. I came down to they were a little more aggressive then us and we are looking and we are finding that every team is playing zone against us now. We are going to see a lot of two three zone, we have got to do something to score against the two three zone. They need to get the ball inside. That is my job now until then to figure out what that is.”



On searching for depth:
“I’m pretty much giving everyone a chance now. Everyone played minutes today that are able to play, Chelsea (Jamison) played, Lashay (Banks) played, Lesha Dunn played, Talequia Hamilton gave us some minutes. So I’m out there pulling the straws at this point, seeing who I can put out on the floor to give us some production, previous times to give our guys a break. Its Bjonee’s second game in a row with Dayeesha being out, she did a really good job leading our team, not as much in the first half but in the second half, I think she had 18 points. Somebody else has to come from behind her and help her pick up the slack and we haven’t been able to find that.”

Senior guard Bjonee Reaves
On her reaction to the game:

“Today we started off very slow but that doesn’t change the way we feel. We aren’t giving up on the season, we aren’t going into the next game thinking here we go again. This is definitely a learning experience for us and definitely a learning experience for our new players.  We are just going to continue to fight that is really all we can do right now is to just try to get better at the things we did wrong and build on the things we did right, and that is our goal for the next game and hopefully we can take it to them on Thursday.”

On if the team is just fatigued:
“You can say that because we are playing a lot of minutes, but that still doesn’t justify the way we played tonight and the way we have been playing these past couple games.  We don’t look at playing a lot of minutes being down players injured players and we aren’t going to make excuses if we make excuses then we will continue to lose. We are going to keep building on the things we are doing well and fix the things that we are doing wrong and come out and get this win on Thursday.”

Senior guard Chanel Chisholm
On the team’s shooting:
“Sometimes you are not going to make every shot and sometimes you are going to have an off night, but there are so many other things that you can do in the game and so many other ways that you can contribute to the team.  I am sure Kayla (Cook) and myself tried different ways to help the team out even though our shots weren’t falling and I wasn’t finishing under the basket.”