Cincinnati vs. Ohio State Postgame Quotes

Dec. 15, 2013

Cincinnati vs. Ohio State
December 15, 2013
Fifth Third Arena
Postgame Quotes

Cincinnati Head Coach Jamelle Elliott

Opening Statement:
“I just can’t say how proud I am of our team, today was a team win. Every single player that played on the floor tonight had a huge impact on the game and made plays that allowed us to win. That is a good Ohio State team, a big Ohio State team, a physical Ohio State team and today we just found a way to get stops when we needed to get stops, make shots when we needed to make shots, and get key rebounds when we needed to. Going into the game one of the things that we focused on was not allowing their pressure to make us back pedal. We wanted to attack their pressure to score, looking up the floor and we had guys that made plays. We knew they were going to make a run at some point and when they did get on a little run we found a way to answer by scoring especially in the second half when Jeanise (Randolph) really established her presence inside. We were able to get her some one-on-one opportunities and she really took advantage of here one-on-one defense inside. Once we established her that opened up the perimeter for the guards and the confidence for the guards to be able to catch the ball in perimeter and knock down shots and we did that and more importantly down the stretch we stepped to the line and made free throws.”

On everyone but one person that played got at least one rebound:
“Well going into this game we knew Ohio State, they are physical, they are a really physical team and who has pride, they play a zone, they press you, they make you to try to make outside shots, they make you make plays to get through their pressure. We knew because of their size inside we were going to have to do a really good job of boxing out. We put our guards in a situation in practice this week and let them understand how important it was for them to come in and get some rebounds if our post was going to do a lot of boxing out inside.”



On the team giving extra effort to get to the ball:
“We have a new word that we use in practice, a buzz word, and that word is “active rebounding” it’s one thing to stand there and wait for the ball to come to you, it’s another thing to be active and going to pursue the basketball. That is something that we have been working on the last week and a half and I appreciate you noticing it because it’s obviously showing in the game”

On if Jeanise (Randolph) has been practicing finishing more quickly as oppose to multiple fakes:
“We all do, the rule by a post player is catch and do not put the ball on the floor unless you have a purpose. You catch you locate you see if the double is coming if not you go to work If a double is there you pivot out of it and you make the right pass to one of our guys. Jeanise is one of those guys that is going to demand attention down there. Some days it’s going to be a double some days it’s not and when it’s not a double the result that you get is a double-double like she got today. If there is a double I’m trusting that she is going to find that guard on the perimeter and be able to make the decision with the ball. Early on she was leading our team in turnovers and I had challenged her on it and the last three games she has done a much better job of when to pass when to take that post move when she has the opportunity.”

On if she talked about the loss to Ohio State last year leading up to today’s game:
“It was on board, I wrote it on the board with a big red marker; I think they almost beat us by forty and that was clear as day in a big old box on the board when they walked in to the locker room today. They needed to know what they did to us last year and understand that we are not that team anymore, we’re not going to back down anymore and we didn’t.”

Ohio State Head Coach Kevin McGuff

On if points are just hard to get by right now:
"Yeah. We played with very little pace today. That is not even necessarily in the full court, but even in the half court we stood, were slow to reverse the ball, we didn't drive aggressively and didn't finish around the basket. UC did a good job and they deserved to win today. Give them credit. We were just really lethargic on offense."

On if it is disappointing:
"Really disappointing. It is extremely disappointing. I think in general we don't have a lot of margin for error for us in terms of winning. We don't have a whole lot of depth. We don't have 10 McDonalds All-Americans sitting on the bench but we can be very successful if we win the war of the intangibles. UC got more 50-50 balls today, they got more loose balls and they out-rebounded us. I think that is what the difference in the game was."

On if they can afford Martina Ellerbe to go 2-14:
"No. We have to have everybody show up really focused and ready to go every night. Then we have to win the war of the intangibles. If we have one or two people not show, we just don't have the depth to be able to with-stand that."

On if UC surprised him with anything:
"They didn't. They just played harder. They didn't really surprise me. I watched them on film and they did everything that I thought they would do. They played hard. I think they usually play hard. I wasn't surprised by that."

On if he thought they would be able to establish a little more inside presence than they did:
"Yeah. I thought we would be a little more effective around the basket than we were."

#31 Dayeesha Hollins, G

On thoughts about beating Ohio State:
“Well last year I know we had a score that wasn’t too pretty and we didn’t like that so we put that on the [practice] board to remind us. I just knew that we all had to come out aggressive attacking them because I knew they were going to come out and press us. I knew we had to stay on the attack at all times.”

On how does it make you play when all of the pressure is off of you when you allow your teammates to go to work:
“I have a lot more energy honestly. I can breathe a little bit more and I know it’s probably bad to say this but I can take breaks. Instead of me having the ball at all times I can rely on my teammates.”

#12 Alyesha Lovett, G

On what made the team be active around the ball:
“Well we knew that was kind of one of their [Ohio State] weaknesses not getting as many rebounds so we knew that everybody had to collectively go in there and get rebounds as a team. I was proud about that because we work on that a lot in practice. Being active going in getting rebounds no matter how small or little you are just go in there.”

On what is making the team click this year:
“We want to let people know that we are not the same Cincinnati team we were last year or the year before last year. We are a new team that trusts each other so much more and we know that we have other people other than Dayeesha and myself. We have something to prove.”

#33 Jeanise Randolph, F

On finishing quicker in the post:
“Towards the beginning of the season I kept putting the ball on the floor. I just took out that dribble and basically catch the ball, locate, and figure out where I am at and just do a simple post move. There is no extra stuff just trying to basically keep it simple. That’s what I am trying to do is just keep it simple because when I keep it simple it works.”

On what is making the team click this year:
“We are just trying to figure out who we are basically. We are trying to identify what we are as a team. Are we an aggressive team or are we a nonchalant team? We want to be that team that’s aggressive and attacks and has all of the energy and we want to be the team that throws the first punch. We want to keep punching and have that reputation that shows people we are aggressive, we are going to attack the basket, we are going to rebound, and hustle all of the time. We have something to prove from last year to this year. We want to show people that we are a better team than we were last year. We have other players that come off the bench that help us like Marley Hill, Alyesha (Lovett), Bianca (Quisenberry), and Brandy (Tarver). We want to let people know that we trust our team.”

On what kind of advice has she been giving to Marley Hill on being an inside presence:
“I just tell Marley to play. She is a great player and I know I see something out of her. She just has to keep it simple and just play her game. She knows that she can dominate if she really wants to and she is going to show it.”

#35 Marley Hill, F

On thoughts about being in a game this big and coming out with a huge victory:
“I just think it was a team effort. It was just everybody coming together as one. It wasn’t one person who had 30 and 20 we just all contributed at every different level.”