Get To Know Taylor Young

Jan. 18, 2011

Name: Taylor Young
Nickname: Tay
Year in School: Freshman
Favorite Food: Bread
Least Favorite Food: Spaghetti squash
Three words that describe me: Athletic, energized, caring
Teammate who makes me laugh the most: Honestly everyone on the team is so funny, but Kenz is hilarious
Your most frequently used phrase: Yeah buddy    
When I have free time I... Rest, hang out with friends, anything non stressful and fun
Best Non-Athletic Talent: I can juggle, not well but still...
Favorite music genre: Alternative music, soft rock
Magazine cover I would like to be on: National Geographic
Game show I would like to be on: Wipeout    
I'd like to be in a girl the same age as me but from a third world country shoes for a day!
Favorite Pro Athlete: Lance Armstrong
Why did you choose UC? It had the best options and all around was a good choice for me, what really sold the school to me was the outstanding athletic departments and facilities, the other schools I was looking at just didn't have the same "specialness" the departments make their athletes feel like they do here.
Team I'd like to add to our schedule: University of Vermont