Get To Know Jen Walsh

Jan. 19, 2011



Name: Jen Walsh

Nickname: Dubs

Year in School: Freshmen     

Favorite Food: Tacos

Least Favorite Food: Lamb

Three words that describe me: Determined, Emotional, Giving

Teammate who makes me laugh the most: MacKenzie Parsons & Jenna Chiavacci           

Your most frequently used phrase: Stooop                                                                                              

When I have free time I… Hang out with friends                                                                                   

Best Non-Athletic Talent: Trumpet                

Favorite music genre: Country                

Magazine cover I would like to be on: People                  

Game show I would like to be on: Minute to Win it 

I’d like to be in Beyonce shoes for a day!

Favorite Pro Athlete: Ray Lewis             

(freshman) Why did you choose UC? Team, Coaches, Facilities

Team I’d like to add to our schedule: Stony Brook