Get To Know Katie Jarvis

Jan. 19, 2011



Name: Katelyn Jarvis

Nickname: Jarvis or Jar Jar

Year in School: Freshman

Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers

Least Favorite Food: Pork

Three words that describe me:Hard working, Happy, Athletic

Teammate who makes me laugh the most: Megan Knoop

Your most frequently used phrase: Hahahahahahaha (I laugh a lot)     

When I have free time I… Like to watch movies.

Best Non-Athletic Talent: Dancing

Favorite music genre: Rock

Magazine cover I would like to be on: People

Game show I would like to be on: Wheel of Fortune

I’d like to be in no shoes for a day!

Favorite Pro Athlete: Ray Maualuga

Why did you choose UC? I really liked the atmosphere and wide variety of majors. Also, I really enjoyed being around the girls on my team and the coaching staff.  Also, I am from Cincinnati and I am really close with my family.

Team I’d like to add to our schedule: USC