Get To Know Lauren Kelly

Jan. 19, 2011



Name: Lauren Kelly

Nickname: Snappy

Year in School: Senior

Favorite Food: Pita Chips

Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms 

Three words that describe me:Weird, loyal, dedicated

Teammate who makes me laugh the most: Bella

Your most frequently used phrase:Here we go

When I have free time I…  The basics: listen to music, watch TV and movies, nap

Best Non-Athletic Talent: Entertainment knowledge

Favorite music genre: Grab Bag: Pop/Rock/Miscellaneous

Magazine cover I would like to be on: Entertainment Weekly

Game show I would like to be on: Double Dare or Cash Cab

I’d like to be in Zane Lamprey’s shoes for a day!

Favorite Pro Athlete: Roger Federer

Favorite memory at UC: Our final game of our inaugural season. It was such a tough year but in the most enjoyable way. Finishing out that season and looking back at how much hard work and heart we put into it is something I always look back on with such a great sense of pride.

Team I’d like to add to our schedule: USC