Oliver Goes For The Gold - Blog #2

July 29, 2012

Head coach Gina Oliver is at University of Maryland, Baltimore County until Sunday, July 29 competing with the top women's lacrosse players in the country for a spot on the U.S. Women's National Team. From the field of 81, the selectors will choose a roster of 36 to 40 who will compete for a spot on 18-player team that will participate in the 2013 Federation of International Lacrosse World Cup in Oshawa, Can. Coach Oliver was first selected to the team in 2004 and was a member of the 2009 FIL Women’s Lacrosse World Cup champions team.

Day two ... Check!

I woke up a little slower this morning, but felt better than I thought I would. My legs weren't shot, just a little tired!  We started off the day bright and early with a run test. What a way to start the day. Probably my least favorite thing about tryouts, but we all CRUSHED it! It felt good to run with someone by your side. It was also a great feeling to hear coaches and players pushing you. And after nine years of the tryout process, I was ready for it! 

The weather held no punches. It was nice and toasty by our run's end. We followed that up with a series of 7 vs. 7 drills. They divided us into groups and the competition began. We took a short break and then moved on to discussing defending behind the cage and sliding packages. We like to change things up to keep teams on their A game, so we discussed it and went out and played again in a 5 vs. 5 drill. At this point, the temperature spiked. We lost a few players to heat exhaustion and other injuries really quickly. These weekends are tough on your body, but we definitely push each other because we know that the World Cup games are just as hard. If we can push each other through this, we can get through any obstacle in July of 2013! 

We ended the morning/afternoon with a few more drill stations.  We played man up and man down situations, pressuring the goalie, and did some shooting. It was a great start to the day!



With the doctor's orders, we had to push our afternoon session back a half an hour so we had more time to stay out of the sun and hydrate. They divided us into teams again because numbers kept going down. We continued to work on man down situations for defense and man up for offense. We played more small-sided games and continued to hammer home the small details with stickwork, fundamentals, and DEFENSE!  We had a nice long session of 1 vs. 1's and that was the end of our afternoon. Night session rolled around and everyone showed up ready to play! We LOVE the night sessions because we SCRIMMAGE! We play a total of two games and if you asked any player here, they'll tell you it's the best part!

I felt I had a good day. A lot of great players stepping up and competing. My favorite part is the competition. I love to compete. Tomorrow is D-Day! Day three! Announcement day! We find out who made the cut. We will start bright and early one last time. We usually scrimmage the last day and the selectors select players who they want to see one last time before making their final decisions. We also might do some more drills in case the coaches or selectors feel they need to see something specific from the entire group. I like how tryouts are run. They tell you what they are looking for, and what systems they will be running once you make the team. If you can do your best to mimic the system and perfect how they want you to run it, you are in a great position. 

Getting ready for bed, and getting a good night's sleep, so I can wake up and crush it tomorrow morning.  Last chance to prove I still got what it takes to be a part of this team again! Wish me luck! Good night and GO BEARCATS!

- Gina