Oliver Goes For The Gold - Blog #3

July 30, 2012

Head coach Gina Oliver was at University of Maryland, Baltimore County over the weekend competing with the top women's lacrosse players in the country for a spot on the United States Women's National Senior Lacrosse Team. From the field of 81, Oliver was named to the 36-player roster for the 2012-14 U.S. National Team, announced Sunday, July 29. The team of 36 will serve as the training team pool for the team that will defend Team USA's 2009 gold medal at the 2013 Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Cup in Oshawa, Ontario.

Final Day!

I can't believe my body made it through three days of this! It was nice and hot when we began our group warm up at 8 a.m. We all were moving a little slower today than day one and two. However, the energy and enthusiasm never let up. Selector, Anne Phillips, divided us into four groups one last time. We played two more games and called it a morning. The selectors had seen what they needed to see and it felt good that we could say we made it through! As I walked off the field at UMBC, I heard Sarah Albrecht yell, "LAST TRYOUT EVER!" If I could have I would have jumped up and down, or I would have done a cartwheel, but I may have broke something doing it at that point. I was so relieved! My last time trying out for the U.S. team EVER! I have went through that process for nine years, and I was happy to hear and say it was my last one!  

From there, we all went up to the dorms to shower and get lunch. As we all ate lunch, and watched the U.S. Men's Volleyball Olympic game, we all felt a sense of tension and anticipation. Did we make it?! Did our friends make it?! Did we do enough?! It definitely helped keep our minds off of things by watching the men's volleyball team compete.

We all walked back to the meeting room and awaited the announcement. As I heard my number read aloud by the chair of the selection committee, I took a deep breathe and exhaled! That never gets old. I got chills when I listened to Michelle DeJuliis and Jess Wilk-Strosberg talk about what it means to be a part of this year's team and the history of the program. To be in the company of these women, and women like Cherie Greer Brown, I am extremely blessed.

The next step for us is training on our own, and then meeting up in September for our first team practice. One step at a time and one step closer to the ultimate goal of becoming a member of the 2013 World Cup team.

Thanks for reading and GO BEARCATS!!!

- Gina