CAS Honors Scholar-Athletes

Aug. 25, 2008

CINCINNATI -   Dean Richard Newrock of the University of Cincinnati’s College of Applied Science and Mike Thomas, Director of the UC Athletics Department, announced the UC Scholar-Athlete of the Month award.


Each month of the academic year, the College of Applied Science, or CAS, will recognize a UC scholar-athlete who has demonstrated success both in the classroom and in an athletic arena.  To be eligible for the award a scholar-athlete will have completed two years of education at UC, have a defined major, a cumulative grade point average (or GPA) of 3.25 or better, be in good standing, and have achieved athletic success.


“CAS is delighted to recognize scholar-athletes from across the university.  Their dedication, competitive fire and ability to balance the demands of classroom, athletics and life parallel our own students,” stated Dean Newrock.   “Our students balance work and class schedules on a daily basis and are rewarded with top jobs upon graduation.”




“On behalf of the College of Applied Science, I am honored to announce that CAS recognizes Kim Sykes, captain of the women’s soccer team, as the August UC Scholar-Athlete of the Month. Having started every game since arriving on campus and achieving excellence in her classes, she has truly earned our admiration.”


“With a GPA of 3.98 and three years as captain of our women’s soccer team, Kim Sykes continues to prove that scholarship and athletics do go ‘hand-in-hand.’   Her dedication to excellence on the field and in class is a model for all of our student-athletes,” affirmed Thomas.  “It is an honor to have one of our collegiate partners, CAS, stepping forward to recognize our scholar-athletes.”



CAS Presents  -  UC Scholar-Athlete of the Month for August

Kim Sykes


Kim Sykes has earned a 3.98 (out of 4.0) GPA as a Journalism major in the College of Arts & Sciences.  Moreover, she has started every women’s soccer game since coming to UC three years ago and is serving her third year as team captain and as an anchor of the back line.


Sykes knows time management and as soccer and learning are top priorities in her life, she balances time on field with time at the study table.  “Student-athletes need to use all the available opportunities like study tables and tutoring.  Then get involved on and off campus.  We’re currently working on a shoe drive to provide shoes for children in need and these activities really put life in perspective,” states Sykes.  “UC Soccer has opened so many doors for me and after graduation I am looking forward to being in a position to work with young women to help them realize their dreams.” 


“Being selected as the first UC Scholar-Athlete of the Month is a huge honor – especially as UC values academics as well as athletics.”


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