Flood Making Waves Prior to Start of Freshman Volleyball Campaign
Freshman Corie Flood in Santiago, Chile
Aug. 16, 2014

CINCINNATI – It has been a summer of firsts for University of Cincinnati volleyball freshman Corie Flood (Villa Hills, Ky./Saint Henry). Within the past few weeks, the 18-year-old has moved away, started taking college classes and began her first collegiate volleyball preseason. But before she could start her UC volleyball career, there was one more first she had to accomplish – a mission trip.

Rather than go away with friends on a senior trip this past summer, Flood decided to apply for a mission trip to Santiago, Chile with Habitat for Humanity. She embarked on an eight-day journey to the capital of Chile to work with a program called Our Children Come Home.

“It is a program in Chile for kids or the elderly who have been in and out of the hospital because they didn’t have the accommodations at home” she explained. “We built an entire house for a little boy who had muscular dystrophy and was actually electrocuted the year before. We built the house so he was able to come home and make sure he had the space he needed.”

For a week during the Chilean winter, the freshman worked tirelessly on the construction site, helping to build a house from the ground up. The group did receive some down time, however, and Flood reflected on a trip to the hospital to visit the child who was the inspiration behind the home. 

“We got to spend half a day with the little boy who we were building the house for” she said. “He is in a wheelchair and is mostly paralyzed but we really got to see his face light up when he was playing with his parents. It was a very humbling experience.”

As with all college athletes, Flood is currently experiencing the difficulty that is preseason training. She has seen first-hand the pain and exhaustion that comes with being an NCAA Division I athlete and understands the commitment that it will take to be successful at this level. But after her time spent in Chile, she also understands how lucky she is to be in this position.



“It definitely taught me not to take anything for granted. There are people who just have nothing and love everything they do. Playing college volleyball is an experience that most people don’t get to do. I definitely would never take that for granted.”

Heading into her first collegiate season, Flood is excited to get on the court with her teammates and be able to play the game she is so passionate about. “I am looking forward to getting after it and winning matches” she said. “I am looking forward to the heart of the game and just the pure joy that you get from it.”

Flood kicks off her college career on August 29 when the Bearcats host Duquesne at 7 p.m. in Fifth Third Arena.

She will be looking to make her first appearance and help her team to its first victory. It will be a long road, but she will be ready. It is, after all, the summer of firsts.