Reed Sunahara Chat Transcript


Reed Sunahara Chat Transcript


Chat Moderator asks:Welcome to! We're chatting tonight with women's volleyball coach Reed Sunahara. Let's get started with the questions.
Sara Drew asks:How does it feel to take the team in your first season to the top of the Conference USA American Division?
It feels great. All the credit goes to my staff, and especially the players. They're the ones who are out there playing and doing a great job.
Tom Lewis asks:A number of your players were recognized by the conference on Wednesday. How do the players feel about this and are there any you feel were left out?
I think everyone who got the awards did a great job all year. I don't think anyone got left out. They feel proud and happy to receive such great honors.
Adam Angione asks:Great job this season and good luck against Charlotte or Southern Miss. Did you expect this much success in your first year as head coach?
I set my standards pretty high, and we're going to do everything we can to reach those goals. We've got a good group of kids, and they worked hard. They're fun to be around. It's a pleasure for me to be around them.
Joe Bearcat asks:I was wondering if the style of play is different here in the east than in the west.
Volleyball is growing in different regions. Before the West Coast dominated the sport, but the Midwest and East are growing. You look at Penn State, last year they won the national championship. No one thought that a Midwest team or east team could win a national championship. I think the volleyball in those regions is getting a lot better.
Kim Johnson asks:I play volleyball for my club team and I want to someday to play for college. What should I start working on for playing?
I would recommend just working on every aspect of the game, and to work as hard as you can and enjoy the sport. It's a great sport.
Jamie Mason asks:I am new to the game but I am very interested. I went to one of your games and noticed that you substitute on each serve. Can you help me out with a little strategy?
We don't really substitute on each serve; it depends on our personnel. Some players are better front-row players, some are better back-row players. We substitute for the players who are better at the front-row (position). That's the strategy.
Alison asks:What do you feel your team will need to do in order to repeat as League Champions?
There's a lot of good teams, and we're playing in a good conference. We need to play a lot better than we have been. We need to execute in order for us to win.
Melissa B asks:Coach - congratulations on your great season. What moments stand out from this season successes so far?
Every win.
Ryan Warden asks:How have you used what you learned as a player at UCLA to make yourself a better coach?
Just different situations. My mentor, Al Scates, is considered the best coach in volleyball, and I've learned a lot from him. I try to apply what I've learned from him to my coaching philosophy -- some strategies, practices.
Lori Redmond asks:Are you surprised with how well South Florida has done this year? Are they your biggest challenge in the tournament?
I think every game is a big challenge. I'm not real surprised with South Florida because they have a great coach, and the Player of the Year on their team, Michelle Collier. She's a great player, and a lot of their success rides on her shoulders.
Kurt Kirchenwitz asks:Do you think it will be necessary to win the conference tournament in order to receive a NCAA bid?
I'm not positive. Right now we're ranked #2 in the region. If we win the conference tournament we get an automatic bid. Hopefully we can do that and not have to rely on an at-large bid.
Shauntel Miller - Second Team All-Conference USA