The University of Cincinnati Athletics Ticket Office is located on the fourth floor (ground level) of the Richard E. Lindner Center in the heart of the UC campus. The ticket office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Free 30-minute parking is available in the Varsity Village garage adjacent to the Lindner Center.


Frequently Asked Questions | UCATS FAQs




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What Are Important Dates to Remember?

Monday, March 2, 2009

·          Season Ticket Sales Campaign begins (deposits available for new season ticket holders)

·          Renewal packet distribution begins for season tickets and UCATS pledges

·          UCATS Campaign begins

Saturday, April 25, 2009 - BEARCAT BOWL and DEADLINE DAY

·          Bearcat Bowl III @ Nippert Stadium

·          Payment deadline for season ticket renewals, UCATS pledges, and 2009 football seat improvement requests

·          Deadline for 2009 football season ticket deposits (new season ticket holders)


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


·          Letter distribution begins communicating seat improvement appointment dates and times


Monday, May 11, 2009


·          Seat selection process begins for renewing patrons requesting seat improvements, followed by seat selection for new deposit holders


Monday, June 15, 2009


·          New season tickets on sale for non-deposit holders

Monday, August 17, 2009

·          Individual home game tickets on sale for UCATS members


Monday, August 24, 2009

·          Individual home and away game tickets on sale to the public

·          UCATS donations must be paid in full in order to receive football tickets




What are the prices for 2009 Cincinnati Bearcats Football Season Tickets?

2009 Football Ticket Packages include:

Location Package Description  Price
UCATS Reserved 1 The best seats in Nippert Stadium, sideline, chairback seating $282
Non-UCATS Reserved 2 Non-donor bleacher seating (Sections 117 & 118) $262
Faculty/Staff (UCATS) 3 30% Discount for UC Faculty/Staff members $218
Faculty/Staff (Non-UCATS) 2 30% Discount for UC Faculty/Staff members $198
Young Professional 6 40% Discount For young professionals under The age of 30 $150
Bearcat Lair 2 North Endzone Seating, 43% savings on sideline reserved $160
Youth 4 Age 12-Under (Applicable For all plans, does not include a bowl credit) $140
Family Plan 5 One Of The best values in the BIG EAST, 57% savings per ticket for family of four $499

1 - Includes $50 Bowl Credit & $20 cushioned chairback seat (UCATS Donation Required - See stadium diagram for levels and sections)
2 - Includes $50 Bowl Credit
3 - Requires UCATS Membership; includes $50 Bowl Credit and $20 cushioned chairback seat 
4 - Age 12-Under/Applicable In All Seating Areas
5 - Includes four (4) $50 Bowl Credits and requires $50 UCATS Membership
6 - Requires UCATS Membership (minimum $50) per two seats 



What are the benefits of being a season ticket holder?



  • Best seat locations 
  • Great savings over individual game prices
  • First priority to renew and request improved seating locations 
  • First priority to purchase post-season tickets
  • Early opportunities to purchase additional single and away game tickets 
  • VIP Notification of select team events, including Bearcat Bowl III, Meet the Team Day, and the post-season awards banquet 
  • Purchase 2009 season tickets and lock in your ticket price for 2010
  • Invitation to the Bearcats Club in the atrium of the Lindner Center prior to every Cincinnati football home game, featuring complimentary Pepsi products and light snacks
  • Bearcats renewal gift (while supplies last, one per patron)
  • Inclusion of a Bowl Credit (UCATS Reserved, Non-UCATS Reserved, Faculty/Staff, Bearcats Lair, and Family Plan) 


    What is the first step to becoming a new 2009 Football Season Ticket Holder?
    Anyone interested in new season tickets for the 2009 season should place a deposit by April 25, 2009. By placing a $50 deposit (per seat), patrons can establish priority in the seat selection process. After we have accommodated all current season ticket holders requesting an upgrade or additional seats in the seat improvement process, we will contact all deposit holders and give you first priority in selecting your new seats. Non-deposit holders will be unable to purchase season tickets until approximately June 15, 2009. Get your deposit in today to ensure that you receive the best possible seats in Nippert Stadium!


    I notice that my season ticket package includes Bowl Credits. What are Bowl Credits? UCATS Reserved, Non-UCATS Reserved, Faculty-Staff (UCATS & Non-UCATS), Family Plan, and Bearcats Lair season ticket packages include a $50 Bowl Credit (per seat) towards the purchase of a bowl ticket. These credits are neither refundable, nor transferable. In the unforeseen event that UC does not advance to a postseason bowl game, the total value of you bowl ticket credits will be applied as an additional gift to your UCATS account. If you do not utilize your Bowl Credit towards the purchase of bowl tickets and elect to have it applied as a UCATS donation, a portion of this credit may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax adviser for specific interpretations per your tax applicability.

    Example: If you have a Family Plan, consisting of four season tickets, you have four (4) $50 Bowl Credits for a total credit value of $200. You will have the option of applying this credit towards your bowl ticket purchase. If you purchase four bowl tickets that cost $75 each, total $300, you would only be required to pay the remaining balance of $100 after your credit application. If you elect not to purchase bowl tickets, then the entire credit value will be applied as a donation, and you will enjoy the benefits of your additional gift (additional priority points, potential for tax deduction, etc.)


    What is the purpose of Bowl Credits?
    Bowl credits provide the University of Cincinnati the unique opportunity to place the football program in a position of strength with various bowl committees, in order to ensure that the Bearcats receive a bid to the best possible postseason bowl game. As a BIG EAST Conference member, the Bearcats are ensured a birth to a BCS Bowl by winning the BIG EAST Conference Championship. In the event that we do not receive an automatic BCS bowl bid, bowl credits are a testament to the strength of the Bearcats fan support and make the University of Cincinnati an attractive selection for other premiere postseason bowl games.


    Which packages require an annual UCATS donation in addition to the ticket cost?








  • UCATS-Reserved (Tier 1-5, see seating chart)
  • Faculty Staff UCATS-Reserved (Tier 1-5, see seating chart)
  • Family Plan ($50, based on four seats)
  • Young Professional ($50, based on two seats).


    Are UCATS donations (for applicable areas) a per-seat requirement, or does the gift amount indicated represent the total gift requirement for my seats?
    The UCATS giving level indicated for a respective seating area represents the total gift requirement.
    Example: If you purchase four (4) UCATS-Reserved season tickets in the Tier 4 seating area ($100 requirement), then your total UCATS requirement in addition to the ticket cost is $100. In all UCATS-Reserved seating areas, you may purchase up to 8 seats without incurring any additional donation costs.
    *The Family Plan gift requirement is based on four seats, and the Young Professional gift requirement is based on two seats. Additional seats in these seating areas requires an additional UCATS gift.


    Which areas of Nippert Stadium include chairback seating?
    All UCATS-Reserved seating areas include a chairback seat. This includes all Tier 1 through Tier 5 seating. The UCATS-Reserved seating area has been expanded for the 2009 season, and every seat in this area will include a cushioned-chairback seat. These new chairbacks will replace the pre-existing red, plastic seat backs. The cushioned seatbacks clearly define your seat and provide added comfort.
    *Due to infrastructure issues the red plastic chairbacks will remain on the top row of the lower level throughout Nippert Stadium. This includes row 36 on the East Side (Herschede-Shank Pavilion side) and row 37 on the West Side (Press Box).


    I would like to purchase additional seats for the upcoming season. What do I need to do to formally submit my request for additional seats?
    On your ticket renewal invoice you will find a check box where you can indicate that you are interested in obtaining additional seats for the upcoming season. Alternatively, you may also submit your request at via the online seat improvement request form. You will then be placed in the seat improvement process that is conducted throughout the month of May/early June. During your seat selection appointment you will have an opportunity to explore availability directly adjacent to your current seats, or explore options for increasing your season ticket total in an alternative location. Please note that requests are not reviewed until after the payment deadline, thus it is very important that you renew your current seats before submitting your request for additional seats. If you have any questions, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office at 1-877-CATS-TIX to speak to a customer service representative.


    If I am interested in upgrading my season ticket location and/or adding additional seats for the upcoming season should I renew my current seats by the established payment deadline?
    Yes, it is important that you renew your current seats by the established payment deadline. The seat improvement process does not begin until after the payment deadline, thus it is very important that you protect your current seats while awaiting your seat improvement appointment.


    Why have the Family Plan seating areas been restructured for the 2009 football season?
    The Family Plan seating area has been restructured for the 2009 season to create equity in the premiere seating areas of Nippert Stadium. Due to the limited supply of sideline-reserved seating and high demand for these seats, Sections 103, 108, and 109 have been changed to Tier 5 UCATS-Reserved Seating. We understand the popularity of the Family Plan, and the importance of having this package for the families of Greater Cincinnati.
    Please note:










  • The Family Plan now includes a portion of sections 110, 210, 211, and 212 in addition to pre-existing sections of 101,102,201 and 202. This represents an increase in the total number of family plan packages available.
  • All 2008 Family Plan members will have the opportunity to renew a family plan for the 2009 season. Renewing patrons will be placed in the seat improvement process and given first opportunity to select your seats within the aforementioned seating areas.
  • All patrons in the adversely affected Family Plan areas (103, 108, and 109) will have an opportunity to retain your current seats at the Tier 5 UCATS level.


    I am interested in the Family Plan (4 tickets), but I would like more than four seats. Is this possible?
    You may add additional seats for an incremental cost of $124.75 per seat, plus an additional UCATS gift of $12.50 per seat.


    If the Family Plan and Bearcat Lair sold out in 2008, will season tickets be available for NEW season ticket holders in these areas in 2009?
    Availability in these seating areas will be dependent on renewals. Current season ticket holders have until April 25, 2009 to renew their seats. All other patrons can be placed on a waiting list for these areas.


    What are the criteria to qualify for eligibility for the Young Professional season ticket package?
    The Young Professional package is for individuals under 30 years of age.


    The Young Professional package donation requirement is based on two seats. What would the additional cost be if I am interested in more than two seats?
    The Young Professional package ticket cost is $150 per seat, and requires a UCATS membership of $50 for two seats. Additional seats require an additional $25 UCATS gift in addition to the ticket cost.



    How do I become a UCATS member?
    Membership requires a minimum contribution of $50. Please refer to our web site at, or contact the UCATS office at 1-877-55-UCATS for further information on how you can make a difference in the lives of over 500 UC student-athletes.


    Do I need to make a separate UCATS gift if I want both football and/or men's basketball season tickets?
    No. One gift qualifies a donor to receive benefits for football and men's basketball.


    Will UCATS members be given the right to keep their seats at Fifth Third Arena and Nippert Stadium?
    Yes, all UCATS members will be given the right to retain their existing seats if they meet the minimum donation requirements established for their particular tiers in either Nippert Stadium or Fifth Third Arena.


    I would like to renew my seats for next season. What do I need to do to make sure that my membership is renewed on time?

















  • Review your 2009-10 renewal form and brochure for the most appropriate giving level in UCATS. If you have any questions please call the UCATS office at 1-877-55-UCATS.
  • We recommend that you pay at least ¼ of your 2009-10 pledge by April 25, 2009 deadline.
  • Make full payment for your 2009 football season tickets by April 25, 2009.
  • If you choose to purchase men's basketball season tickets, you will be invoiced in August of 2009.


    How can I maintain or upgrade my seat location for football and/or men's basketball?
    UCATS members can maintain present season ticket locations by renewing their tickets and meeting the minimum donation required to the tier in which their seats are allocated. The best way to improve your seats is through the seat improvement process. Seat improvement requests must be completed online at If you request an improvement for football and/or men's basketball we will notify you with a specific date and time we will contact you. This year, if you are willing to pay a higher donation amount to improve your seats please indicate that on your renewal form or call the UCATS office at 1-877-55-UCATS to speak with a representative.

    To allow for the ability to review the most attractive seating locations in Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena all UCATS members will have the ability to pledge to a desired tier location without a financial obligation at the time of your pledge. This will present the opportunity for UCATS members to participate in the seat improvement process, evaluate seating locations in a desired tier location and make the decision to lock in their pledge at the time of seat selections. Each UCATS member will have the ability to look at opportunities in higher priority tier locations while keeping the option to retain their current seats.

    To learn more about pledge intentions and how they could be beneficial to you, please feel free to contact a UCATS representative at 1-877-55-UCATS.


    What if I renew my UCATS membership after the renewal deadline?
    Every effort will be made to accommodate late renewals, however, your seat availability may be adversely affected. Please understand that we must adhere to deadlines in order to administer benefits in a fair and timely manner. There is no guarantee that you will be able to keep your existing seats if you choose to renew past the deadline of April, 25 2009.


    When will the seat improvement process begin for 2009 football season tickets?








  • If you want to change or improve your seat location for football you must first request a seat improvement online at by April 25, 2009 in order to be considered.
  • This year telephone appointments will be utilized to complete the seat improvement process. If you request an improvement you will be notified in writing of the date and time you will be contacted.
  • For football, seat improvements will begin on May 11, 2009.
  • Renewing season ticket holders have the opportunity to maintain their current tickets.
    Seat improvement times will be based upon your UCATS giving level and priority points.


    What if I cannot be reached at my scheduled telephone appointment time for my seat improvement?
    The UC Athletics Ticket Office will try to accommodate you; however, seat availability may be adversely affected. In the event we cannot reach you during your scheduled telephone appointment time, we will contact your selected proxy (if applicable).


    When are priority points calculated for use in football and men's basketball?
    All benefits associated with football seating and parking will be based upon your priority points as of May 1, 2009. All benefits associated with 2009-10 men's basketball seating and parking will be based upon your priority points as of August 1, 2009.


    If I join the UCATS, how many football season tickets can I purchase?
    As a UCATS member you can purchase up to eight (8) season tickets per membership. Additional season tickets may be purchased on a per seat basis.


    Why are Priority Points important?
    The UCATS Priority Points System is designed to ensure proper consideration for UCATS members who have shown loyalty over the years, been giving of their time, and provide financial contributions for the betterment of our student-athletes. The purpose of the Priority Points System is to appropriately distribute benefits. It provides a framework for seat assignments, including away games, parking, seat improvements and other special events or activities. The Priority Point System will be based upon annual giving (unrestricted to scholarships as well as program specific), consecutive years of donation, cumulative gifts, other athletics and university giving, volunteer opportunities, alumnus, faculty/staff and former UC athlete status.


    How can I increase my number of Priority Points?
    The best way to boost your priority points is through increasing your annual pledge/contribution to the UCATS. Making full payment of your gift by the April 25, 2009 deadline will maximize your number of priority points in time for all football related benefits.


    Can I transfer my tickets to another person?
    UCATS allows for the transfer of season tickets to an immediate family member (son or daughter). Once transferred the new individual must then meet any minimum donation requirements for the transferred seats and will begin their own priority point history.


    As a current season ticket holder can I elect to purchase parking for football and/or men's basketball?
    Yes. Season parking passes for the 2009-10 football and men's basketball seasons will be assigned to designated lots on campus. UCATS members and season ticket holders will have the opportunity to request their desired parking locations. A reduced price will be offered for a season pass versus game day pricing. Passes will be allocated based upon the UCATS Priority Points System.


    How does my support of UCATS make a difference?
    Your contributions to the UCATS are used to offset the annual athletics scholarship needs of Bearcats student-athletes in all 18 varsity sports. Or, if you choose to give to a particular program, those funds go directly to the program and will be used by that program accordingly.


    Is my UCATS contribution tax deductible?
    Per IRS rules, donors may deduct 80 percent of the contributions to a higher education institution for which the donor is given the opportunity to purchase priority season tickets and receives priority benefits for seating at an athletic event. Members may decline priority season tickets and deduct 100 percent of their contribution. Please consult your tax advisor for further details concerning charitable donations. An official tax receipt will be issued by the UC Foundation.