When you support an athletic endowment, you provide an opportunity to a student-athlete to receive a world-class education at the University of Cincinnati. Endowed funds provide long-term financial support for Bearcats student-athletes for years to come. The University of Cincinnati Athletic Scholarship Endowment totals approximately $8 million, which funds nearly 6% of UC's student-athlete scholarships.


An Endowment can be created through an outright gift, a bequest in your will, or through charitable trusts. All endowment gifts are 100% tax deductible. The minimum cost to establish and name an endowment is $50,000, with the cost of a full scholarship being $350,000.

For more information on endowments, please contact the UCATS Office at 513-556-4884.

Below is a list of the University of Cincinnati Athletic Endowments:

Mary and Edwin J. Alexander Athletic Scholarship Fund Erwin H. Hiller Fund Pete Rose Scholarship Fund
J. Aufderbeck Athletic Scholarship Fund Intercollegiate Athletic Endowment Fund Bill Schnier Men's Track and Field/Cross Country Endowment Fund
Dale M. and Ruth W. Beyring Scholarship Fund Coach Ed Jucker Baseball Endowment Fund Seiffert-Bennington Memorial Fund
Fredrick Braun Baseball Fund Ken & Diane Byers Athletic Endowment Charles H. Keating, Jr. Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Sheakley Quarterback Scholarship Shelley Family Endowment for Athletics Adeline H. and Harold R. Coplan Scholarship Fund
Marvin P Kolodzik Scholarship Fund Sherman Family Baseball Scholarship Fund David DeCarlo Endowment Fund
Ryan T. Komenda Endowment Fund The Nicholas L. Skorich Scholarship Fund Dobbs Family Scholarship Fund
Ronald and Margaret Kostelnik Endowment Fund Leder Family Athletics Scholarship George Smith Society Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund
Katherine and Theodore H. Emmerich Endowment Fund Bob and Kay Mayer Scholarship Endowment Fund I.A.E.F. - George and Helen Smith Scholarship Fund
Roy L. and Marian C. Evers Endowed Scholarship Fund Men's Swimming and Diving Endowment Fund George D. Smith Athletic Fund
Stuart R. Garrison Memorial Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund Frank E. Murphy Scholarship Fund Murphy Family Scholarship
Daniel Spahr Athletic Insurance Fund Gettler Spirit of Track & Field Award Endowment Fund Nester Family Scholarship Fund
Jean Stephens Memorial Award Endowment Fund Clifford Goldmeyer Endowment Fund Oliver M. Nikoloff Track Scholarship
Tony Trabert Endowment Fund Alex Gordon Scholarship Fund Non-Revenue Sports Scholarship Fund
Tommy and Suzanne Tuberville Olympic Sports Fund Hendrik J. Hartong, Jr. Endowment Fund Clark A. Oyler Fund
James Tygrett Memorial Scholarship Fund Bob Hauer Endowed Golf Scholarship Fund Janita (Jerri) and Amor Reiter Memorial Athletic Fund
Margaret K. Valentine Tennis Scholarship Herschede Football Scholarship Fund Ruth and Amor Reiter Memorial Athletic Fund
Nick Van Exel Endowed Athletic Scholarship Fund Vaughan Family Scholarship Fund Herschede Scholarship Fund
Alfred S. Riechman Memorial FundWomen's Soccer Founders Fund