Have your personal message on the videoboard at a UC Football or Men's Basketball game!

Make your trip to a Bearcats game even more memorable with a personalized scoreboard message. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or share a big congratulations.


  • Birthday, Anniversary or Congratulatory Messages may be purchased for display on the board for $100 for non Ucats members or $50 if you are a Ucats member.  This applies to all sports.
  • Messages must be received no later than close of business 72 hours before the game in which the message is to be displayed. Messages not meeting the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Celebration messages are first come, first served and are limited to 10 a game. The length of the message will be 15 seconds.
  • All messages must be less than 100 characters and will be displayed as sent to us. The messages will be copied and pasted onto the files, so there are no refunds for typos made on the part of the sender.
  • Content is subject to the discretion of Game Presentation.
  • Fan Shoutouts will be presented following the Cincinnati Band performance at halftime, and is subject to schedule change should their be a special presentation at halftime following the band, at which time they will run after the presentation.

To place your order, please contact the Bearcats Marketing Office at 513-556-0732.