Indoor Practice Facility

    What They're Saying                                                     

    Butch Jones

    "From a function standpoint, an indoor facility is absolutely crucial for our winter and foul weather workouts. We currently are unable to hold some of our winter workouts because we don't have a place to go indoors. We can't take steps back in the off season when other teams are moving forward. We need those things to continue building our championship program."
    - Head football coach Butch Jones

    Lellie Swords

    "We are really excited for the new facility. To have a bubble from December to March is awesome for our program, especially with the unpredictable weather in Cincinnati. This facility will help the department of athletics as a whole, as well as the lacrosse program. We couldn't be more excited for the Jefferson Avenue Field Sports Complex."
    - Head lacrosse coach Lellie Swords

    Hylton Dayes

    "The new indoor facility would allow us to train on a full size field during the winter months, without having to worry about the weather. It would really help the development of our players and in turn the team, as we would have the space to do more technical and tactical exercises. It would also help in recruiting, since it provides another first class facility for the student-athletes to utilize."
    - Head men's soccer coach Hylton Dayes

    Michelle Salmon

    "We are excited to be adding a sports complex of this nature. As an urban campus, the impact of this facility on our program will only enhance what we have to offer our student-athletes. We play in one of the best soccer stadiums in the BIG EAST; to add the Jefferson Avenue Field Sports Complex as a training site will only further our player development and allow us the opportunity to train year round."
    - Head women's soccer coach Michelle Salmon

    Brian Cleary

    "With regard to baseball, the indoor practice component of the Jefferson Avenue Field Sports Complex will allow us to better prepare for the start of our season when we are faced with inclement weather. Currently, our indoor facilities are limited and we are challenged during the months of January and February when we are getting ready to open the season."
    - Head baseball coach Brian Cleary

    Bill Schnier

    "This new field will give our indoor and outdoor teams an outstanding place to practice and also will provide an additional space to share. Furthermore, it will provide an aesthetic east entry to the university."
    - Head men's track and field coach Bill Schnier

    Susan Seaton

    "The women's track & field team would enjoy the opportunity to train on an indoor turf field during the cooler months of the year. With the running track in historic Armory Field House not being in great shape, our runners could really benefit from running on a better surface to improve their training and cut down on lower body injuries."
    - Interim women's track and field coach Susan Seaton
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