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Tip-Off Club Mission
The Tip-Off Club was founded by loyal supporters and former athletes who are committed to boosting UC's men's basketball program to compete at the highest level and who are personally invested in UC's commitment to create a championship culture.

Showcase your Bearcats pride by becoming a Tip-Off Club member through your annual gift of $100 or more to the men's basketball development fund. Your philanthropic gift is tax deductible and applies to your aggregate giving total in UCATS. Benefits include exclusive email communications, invitation to special events and the pride and satisfaction of investing in UC men's basketball.

Tip-Off Club & UCATS 

CLICK HERE for the 2014 Tip Off Club brochure.
  • Your best opportunity to directly support Men's Basketball at UC.
  • Your gift is above and beyond your UCATS requirement, should you decide to purchase season tickets for men's basketball or football.
  • Your gift may be fulfilled all at once or in monthly installments.

A contribution to the Tip-Off Club will assist in funding:

  • Team travel on a yearly basis
  • New locker room (coming soon)
  • New players' lounge (coming soon)

Recommended Giving Levels

  • $100
  • $250
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000
  • $10,000

"Simply put, Tip-Off Club members provide financial support to help fund specific, critical needs of the program. Funds raised from the Tip-Off Club helped us to travel better and play better last season. Members of the Tip-Off Club have been tremendous and we wouldn't be able to operate without them. There is no doubt the Tip-Off Club is the 'Team behind the team' and has played a vital role in the resurgence of UC basketball. Please consider joining today. Thank you!"

Mick Cronin
Head Coach


UC Basketball would like to thank all 2014 Tip-Off Club Members:

Mr. & Mrs. James Amann
Mr. Jack R. Aufderbeck
Mr. Charles H. Bauer
Mr. Dennis Becker
Mr. Doug Betz
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Boymel
Scott & Julie Bristow
Mr. Randall Brown
R. L. Nicholas & Amy Bucciere
Robert Burger
Ross Bushman
Matt Butcher
Dr. Angelo Colosimo
Mrs. Cindy Coggins
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Courter
Mr. Michael Cronin
Michael Dooley
Mr. Greg Dooley
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Gregory
Mr. David Herche
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Hilsinger
John Isidor & Sandra Kaltman

Mr. & Mrs. Doug Jacobs
Mr. Brad Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. John Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Bill E. Katz
Mr. Doug Kecman
Mr. Mark Kuhlman
Mr. Jack Laub
Mr. Louis Lauch
Dr. & Mrs. Wilfried Leder
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Leonard
Mr. Chad Lockard
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Lower
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lower
Mr. Tony Maas
Mr. Bob Mangine
Mr & Mrs. William Mattingly
Mr. & Mrs. Walter McBeath
Dennis & Myra McEvoy
Dr. and Mrs. Lee McHenry
Mr. Donald McIntosh

Mr. John Meeker
Mr. Greg Meyer
Mitchell S. Meyers
Mr. Jeff Middleton
Gregory & Bryna Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Troy Neat
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick O'Callaghan
Mr. Gary P. Osterfeld
Dr. Samir Patel
Mr. Ron Prybal
Mr. Todd Riley
Mr. David Ritter
Mr. Henry Roy
Mr. Ben Russert
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sheakley
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sheakley

Mr. Barry P. Shelley
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sosna
Mr. David Stone
Mr. Stephen & Karen Thompson
Mr. Richard Thornburgh
Bruce & Cheryl Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Valentine
Mr. Owen Waske
Mr. Robert C. Waters
Karen Weissman
Mr. Richard E. Wilhelm
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Wilkinson
Douglas & Julie Wuest
Dr. & Mrs. J. Richard Wuest
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wyler
Mr. Brent Wyrick
Dr. Steven Zaret
Mr. Joseph Sabatini
Dr. David Schneider